On Stardate 59904.01, a terrible accident occoured, forever changing the course of history within both the universes of the United Federation of Planets and the Empire.   After a transwarp test went wrong in Sector 73-G (known as Dead Sector Delta), the UFP noticed that a small opening had opened in the sector, and shortly after closed

x7stat-web4.jpg (5850 bytes) On Stardate 59904.05, StarFleet Intelligence moved their station closer to StarBase 297.

StarFleet Intelligence learned how to harness the properties of the sector to open an artificial wormhole known as the Warp Tunnel. Now new races from the Alternate Universe found on the otherside of the Warp Tunnel are coming for trade, and Starfleet is learning about the Alternate Universe. Space is no longer the final frontier as the crew of TwinStation Delta discover AlterSpace, the FINAL frontier.

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