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USS Fidelis
Current Crew Roster

Commanding Officer
Commander Jonathan Webb

Executive Officer
Lieutenant Commander Jacen

Chief Medical Officer/Second Officer
Lieutenant Commander Utena

Chief Engineer
Lieutenant Khos

Chief of Security/Tactical
Cadet Proteus

Cadet Joash

It is a dark time in the galaxy. The UFP is fighting a losing war against the iconians, with Earth being protected with the Resistance Fleet's best ships. The Fidelis/StarSkimmer is the first ship(s) to renew Starfleet's mission of exploration, and hopefully bring peace to the galaxy.

Jonathan Webb is the StarSkimmer's first Captain, however like most of the fleet is inexperienced. Are you prepared for one of the biggest adventure in roleplay simming of the millenium? Think you can handle it? Join FSO today!

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