The Federation Sim Organizations’ purpose is to provide quality and fun sims to our members. Every member has the right to sim in a peaceful and orderly environment, to have fun, and not to be harassed. All staff and members share the responsibility of ensuring these rights. The following rules and expectations do this, and also support the central value of FSO, Respect - Respect for others, and self respect.



…give their sims their best effort, exercise self-discipline, accept the authority of staff, properly attend sims, are courteous and obedient, and show respect for FSO/CO property and sims

Habitual neglect of duty will result in a reprimand

Simmers will accept discipline from staff

Orders are to be carried out immediately, unless otherwise specified



…provide sims, manage the sim group, and maintain sim group discipline

The members come first, they are why we are here.

All staff have responsibility for all FSO members

All members shall accept directions/discipline from all staff

All staff shall follow the Chain of Command




…of sims is essential for success. Constant lates/absenses are unacceptable.


If you have been absent/going to be absent, PLEASE e-mail your CO stating why

Continued unexcused lates/absenses will result in disciplinary action



…is a key element of FSO

Staff and Members will respect other members

Staff and Members will respect other groups

All Members will respect higher ranking officers




… that interferes with the rights of members and staff will NOT be tolerated.

Failure to cooperate will result in a repremand

Profane language is NOT tolerated up to a certain extent

having fun is ok, but there is a time for play and a time to be seriouse, if you cannot be serious when asked you will be warned then repremanded




…allows Staff to keep FSO fun for the "good" simmers

Any staff member may temporarily ban a member/person for NO longer then 12 hours without a staff meeting

Long term bans of non-members can be made immediately

Long term bans/expulsion of members requires a court martial

No CO may demote a member without permission from the Division head, or President

Only an EC member may remove a ban




… all CO’s, division leaders, sub-division leaders, and elected members.

Anyone who can start a sim with 5 members in 21 days and holds a rank of Lt Cmdr or higher can be a CO

All positions except CO are recived either by election or appointing

All CO’s are members of the Flag Staff

All SubDivision leaders are members of the Sr. Staff

All Division leaders are members of the Executive Command.




… FSO Elections are for the office of elected officials

A term served as an elected official is a year. There are 2 elected officials who will be present at all staff meetings to represent the simmers. To run for elected official you must hold a rank of Ensign up to Commander. Elections are held in October and March and take office in November and April.




… FSO Departments listcis here to split up the duties of officers giving everyone a chance to make FSO work. A dept head is just that, a dept. head, no more, no less. A DH only has command over things related to that department. When department decisions are made rank holds no bounds. A DH can be anyone from the lowest Petty Officer to the President himself.



… Fleets are no longer an item in FSO. We have now reverted back to divisions. There are currently 4 divisions; IRC, Boards, E-Mail, and MU*. As stated earlier, there are different rank for each division leader, yet each holds the same amount of power…

Staff Roster

President - Felton(Blondel)

Commanding Admiral - Lyon(Webguy)

Fleet Admiral - Nurek(Baralu)

Executive Admiral - Phoenix(Snow)

Star Admiral - *UnFilled*



… teaches new simmers the basics of simming different from any other. Instead of a long and drawn out Academy, we give simmers hands on experience. Each simmer therefore does not start out as a cadet, but as a Chief Petty Officer(CPO). After their application is received, they will be assigned to a current experienced member who has agreed to help train others. To train them they will observe an active sim and will explain everything, via private messages, to the newbie also answering any questions. When the new officer thinks he/she is ready the CO MUSt allow him/her to join in as a guest simmer and have a go at a post.



…is implemented in FSO for the sole purpose of keeping order and sims fun. Discipline is not harsh unless it is a major or repeated offense.


Anyone holding an Executive Officer(XO) post in a sim or above may reprimand an officer. All a reprimand is is a filled out form discussing what happened and E-Mailed to the President. It will go into a permanent record for the concerned officer. The President himself receives these reprimands and will e-mail them to the officer for his own personal knowledge and to his/her main division head.


An officer with repeated reprimands for the same or other offense(3) may be banned with the approval of 2 EC members for no more thsn up to 48 hours.

Court Marshals

If any officer receiving 5 or more reprimands, or a serious enough offense, he/she may be sent for a Court Martial(CM). Penalties may include no less than one drop in rank up to removal from FSO if found guilty by the JAG and board.

Listed Offenses

Disruption of a sim, disrespecting any senior officer or other member or group, arguing in an FSO channel, refusal to follow orders, doing anything to violate another members Rights and/or responsibilities, doing anything going against this or any other official FSO document, being unexcused from a sim or late to a sim, etc.


Any Junior officer may send in a detailed request for a reprimand of another officer to his/her CO. The CO will decide if it is feasible or not. If found feasible the CO MUST fill out the reprimand form. If the CO is uncooperative, then see an EC member. LAST of all go to the President, if you go straight to the President or an EC member without following procedure and going through to correct channels first, you will get an automatic reprimand.




…the FSO MR&R was created to hold the foundations of this sim group in place and keep order and stability to the org. If there are any complaints about any part of this please fill out the FSO Feedback form found on this site. If you are new to FSO or considering joining, but this document has somehow frightened you off, don’t worry, we are not strict nor are we harsh or mean. As long as you follow simple guidelines as you would in everyday life this group is a barrels of laughs and fun to be a member of. I invite you to experience FSO first hand and become the newest member to our rapidly growing family.

Cody Kyle Felton

FSO President