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What Is IRC Simming?

Simming, also known as RPGing is when a group of people get together and act out a story. In IRC Simming, that group of people join a channel and sim there.

How To Control Your Character


To say something, just type it in and hit the RETURN key.
<LtJacobs> Aye aye, Captain.


For actions, just put double colons around the action.
<LtJacobs> ::sits down at helm::
or you can type: /action sits down at helm it will appear like this:
* LtJacobs sits down at helm

Thoughts & Telepathy

This is a new thing in IRC Simming, not all people may be aware of it.
<LtJacobs> {{ Geez, this ship is tough }}

Person to Person Communication (on board the same vessel or planet)

To use your communicator to talk to another person who isn't in the same room as you, put a +taps+ before your message.
<LtJacobs>+taps+ Jacobs to Engineering, I need those engines back online!

Ship to Ship Communication

To communicate with someone on another ship, use +com+ before your message
<LtJacobs>+com+ Jacobs to USS Defiant, I am ready to beam aboard your ship.

Out of Character (OOC)

Out Of Character talk is used when you have to say something that is not part of the sim, this is to be used at A MINIMUM.
Just put << OOC talk here >>
<LtJacobs><< am I supposed to answer that? >>
If you need to use this often, talk to the person in another channel or type:
/msg PERSONSNICKNAME your message goes here

Your Nickname

How To Change Your Nickname

To change your nickname, type:

Your Nickname During The Sim

Your nickname during the sim, should have your Rank in it unless the Sim Leader tells you otherwise.



The Sim

When the CO is ready to Sim, he gives the word, and the crew changes their nicks for the sim. (Example: I use "Mystery5" when I'm chatting, but when I sim, I change my nick to "LtParis")
Then He or She calls for ATTENTION. This is to make sure everyone is present and ready. If you are Observing, DO NOT RESPOND.
All active simmers, reply: ::attn:: or @@.
After every active simmer responds, they give you a Sim Briefing in which they inform you of the mission.
After the Sim Briefing, you'll see the words "SIM START". When this happens, that means the sim is in progress.
Most sims last an hour, then you'll see "SIM END" and the CO will call for your attention.
Sometimes, they give you a little Conclusion or Epilogue to the sim.
Promotions are usually given after the conclusion, and then the CO dismisses you and you can return to your normal nickname.

Like I said, the best way to learn about Simming, is to Observe one. And the most important thing is, HAVING FUN! Don't worry if you make a mistake. Everyone makes them once in a while. If you have anymore questions, Email me or go on IRC and ask them. I hope this guide has helped you, and hope to see you simming soon.

President Felton,
Commander In Chief, Federation Simulation Organization

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