One of the first things most people ask when they come into our channel is "what is a sim?". To the new comer getting started can be a bit rough so we have prepared this easy to understand sim manual explaining the basics and fundamentals of the game. Read it and learn from it and you will have a better understanding of what we do.

What is a sim?
To answer that ever popular question, a sim is a role playing game, which means you create a character by filling out a bio sheet for the ship you wish to sign up for. You then go to the corresponding network and channel where the sim takes place. Characters are really important and making one unique to yourself is really a good idea, some groups recommend that your characters be different from your real life person but we think that's wrong because being yourself even in the game adds your own true uniqueness to it.

What do you do in a sim?
During a sim you show up to the appointed network and channel where the sim is to take place. The first officer (XO) will usually assign you positions/stations. After that the Captain will give the briefing which describes the situation the sim is in. The captain will ask if there are any questions after he is done then the sim will start. After that is where the plot picks up with the crew members doing the jobs that pertain to their assigned station and interacting with the rest of the crew to perform tasks. The captain will use ::ACTIONS:: to push the plot in the direction he wants it to play out. The sim usually lasts an hour but sometimes they go a bit over, after that the sim will end and the captain will make special announcements and then he will dismiss you.

There are a few actions and commands in sims that are universally used throughout CSG

+taps+ or +comm+  this is comm badge communicator action for example if you are on the bridge and you need to speak to engineering you would use "+taps+ bridge to engineering" comm badges are used for officer to officer communication as well as away team to ship.

+comm+ this is ship to ship communication such as hails and subspace messages.

:: :: this is how you do actions such as walking or thinking or doing a task for example, ::runs to engineering::     or
::draws his phaser::         or
::runs the calculations through his mind trying to figure out the settings::

::ACTION:: this is used usually only by the first officer or captain to describe an action that affects the entire crew of the ship such as
::ACTION:: the romulan warbird opens fire on the ship

there are a few more basic things that you will catch on to really quick once you get started but these basic things should help you get started.

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