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The Federation Sim Organization was founded April 13, 1997 by Fleet Admiral Zerb and Pike after seeing all the corruption of the once communist dictator Federation Sim Group. Many sims broke off from FSG who disliked the ideals of a supreme Grand Admiral. The org’s membership started on Austnet IRC server where business proceeded slowly. Soon a majority vote moved the small sim org. to Starlink net where a long period of prosperity was soon to follow.

The small star trek sim org was soon reclassified as a moderate sized sim net. At that time FSO saw it as their duty to put down any and all dictatorships. The first conflict to arise was with a rival sim group on Starlink, the Final Frontier Sim Confederation. Other members of the FSO had joined both orgs so the tension between to two slacked off. It was around that time that FSO’s two greatest sims emerged; the USS-Chimera led by Rear-Admiral Karrde, and Temporal Investigations led by Captain Felton.

Now FSO’s largest obstacle stood in their way and pretty soon minor skirmishes began. FSG was able to get to the XO of Temporal Investigations who hacked into the TI and FSO websites. In retaliation, Captain Felton abused his rank in FSG and caused havoc in the org.

Once FSG fell off its high pedestal, all seemed well for FSO until Fleet Admiral Ziggy, formerly Pike, sorrowfully resigned due to lack of free time. President Tsunami, formerly Zerb, promoted into Pikes position Admiral Quest. Unbeknownst to FSO, Quest was also Captain Kif, CO of FSG’s SSO, the same sim Felton had abused his rank of XO in.

At that time President Tsunami took a leave of absence, leaving Fleet Admiral Quest in charge. Quest started turning FSO into the old FSG. When certain things started appearing that the members and staff disapproved of, and opposition started to form against Fleet Admiral Quest. One night Quest drew the line. Temporal Investigations was canceled for the 3rd week in a row due to CO conflicts. As a result, Fleet Admiral Quest decommissioned the 15 member sim. Captain Felton was outraged, as were some of the other staff. TI had been a major foundation sim.

A short time after, the opposition to Quest came forward. One night after one of Quests channel moderation and rulings, Rear-Admiral Karrde and Commodore Ari (Psyborg) made an announcement. As of that night the sims USS-Chimera, USS-Alcatraz, EAS-Achilles, and other smaller sims were no longer in the FSO. The dejoined sims formed the New-Age Sim Consortium or NASC.

Fleet Admiral Quest resigned a month afterwords, but it was too late. Two main officers, Captain Tagge & Captain Felton, stayed behind with FSO. For almost two months the FSO struggled to stay alive. Finally all hope was lost and FSO disbanded. The remaining officers and sims moved in with the NASC. So all seemed good and jolly, all the old FSOers were back together, yet all was not so.

Nearly a month after joining the NASC Tagge had disappeared off the face of the Earth. Some of the NASC Sr. Staff were not living up to others expectations. Cmdr Felton; not Captain, NASC bumped him down, saw how one of the old admirals from FSO was being treated. After the NASC threw that ex-admiral out, Felton joined up with him. Together they formed the ICOS or International Confederation of Sims, the old FSO reborn with a new name. ICOS took home at the IRC server of Othernet. After a short time there ICOS took up 1/3 of the server and had the support of all the IRCOps. Soon 2 orgs, Veridian Sim Organization (VES) and an unnamed sim faction from DALnet, merged with ICOS.

After seeing how successful ICOS had been after breaking away from NASC, Tsunami left ICOS, and restarted FSO. With very little luck he tried to recruit a staff. Wanting to regain what once had been, the larger ICOS merged with FSO adapting a new structure of joint presidency. Two Presidents and two vice-presidents. A time of a stalemate preceded. FSO would gain and lose members. Finally Tsunami was upset and retired.

Webb took over as our new President and FSO bloomed for nearly 2 months till Tsunami reappeared. Webb made a deal with Tsunami to let him back in as President, Webb would be Vice, and Felton Executive Admiral. There were those who were very upset at Webb for this and soon after FSO began to receed. Soon, seeing FSO failing, Webb resigned and Tsunami had to choose his new VP. The vote came down to Xadm Felton, or Flt Adm Vex.

Meanwhile, the NASC decided to merge with an FSG type org called the Interstellar Simming Federation (ISF). FSO lost a few sims and simmers started dropping off. Vex resigned to pursue other orgs and Tsunami lost hope. Our so called ‘Great Leader’ preceded to merge FSO with the Democratic Simming Federation (DSF) which was not Democratic at all but a spin off of the United Interstellar Planets (UIP). Everyone in FSO objected to this merger and Felton, seeing a failed leader who so easily gives up, started a petition to have Tsunami step down. With of FSO behind him, Tsunami was asked to leave, which he did after learning of the opposition to him. A new era was born into FSO as Felton took over the Presidency. SnowyWlf was chosen as the vice-president. For the rest of the summer FSO grew. Then about the time Felton took over, Tagge resurfaced. He and Tsunami began the On-Line Simming Alliance (OSA). FSO and OSA tried to keep their distance from each other. Karrde left ISF to help with OSA and many old NASCers followed.

With the end of summer rapidly approaching, President Felton put FSO on an extended Leave Of Absence. While on this Vacation, Felton rewrote the new current CoC and Members Rights and Regulations. The once vice-president Snow was put in charge of the MUSH division and FSO entered a joint MUSH with SFSG. Webb was brought back into FSO as Commanding Admiral in charge of IRC. Fleet Admiral Baralu was put in charge of the boards sim division. FSO still is searching for the right person to fill her Star Admiral rank as E-Mail division Director. The FSO began to grow yet once more. Now the group SFSG has disbanded and the joint MUSH has become the FSO MUSH. Plus the OSA and FSO have begun talks to form an Alliance of Sim Group called the Free Simming Alliance (FSA) which would help many sim groups in a coherent working cooperative state…