The Federation Sim Organization was refounded by her original simmers, for the current ones and all simmers to come. In FSO the simmers come first. It is our intentions that we provide an ideal environment for staff and simmers alike.

At times FSO may seem strict or straight forward in her ways, but we have witnessed the results of a 'lax' staff. Our 3 main focuses are:

RESPECT respect for our simmers, our staff, other groups, and above all yourself

Diversity of our sim place and simmers, realizing that each simmers uniqueness is what makes FSO strong, and knowing each has his/her own differences and likenesses, are all treated equally

Our most major focus is to provide fun sims and activities. Our purpose is fun, for without fun, there would be no point in simming. We are indeed what separates all orgs apart

FSO: Discover the Difference