=/\= USS Neptune Logs =/\=

Commander Quinn Rowe

Executive Officer's Log, USS Exeter June 10 2285:

Today onboard the USS Exeter I heard the news I was waiting for, Captain Thomas of the USS Neptune was stepping down and the ship was going to be decommished. However Starfleet had considered updating the vessel for a new crew and a mere ten minutes ago they told me I, Commander Quinn Rowe was the newest commanding officer of the USS Neptune.

I've been Executive Officer for four years now with the USS Exeter and was shocked Starfleet would even consider me to command such a powerful constituton-class vessel.

Two minutes ago I told the Exeter crew about my command of the USS Neptune. They were sad to see me go but proud to see that I had gotten Command. My shuttle leaves in two minutes to report to spacedock to meet the crew of the USS Neptune. I have already recruited my executive officer there a person by the name of Lieutenant John Hawk........

Mission 1: "The Historian"

June 14, 2285:

Today I arrived at spacedock to meet the crew who would be the newest USS Neptune crew. I finally met Lieutenant John Hawk my Executive Officer face to face and I also met some of my other officers.

Before leaving I talked alittle to Captain Thomas, he wasn't too friendly so I assume he wasn't too happy about "retiring".

We entered the vessel and looked around. It was an old vessel but as Lieutenant Hawk pointed out but still tough.

As we started our first mission of patroling the neutral zone, We got a hail from Captain Williams of Starbase 105. He told us SB105 was tracking a Romulian vessel on apparent route to Textra IV a primitive culture. It was against the Prime Directive to interfre with the planet.

As Far as Williams knew, the planet consisted of three large countries, the Justonian Republic, the Bathor Collective, and the small country called the Thrawnian Dynasty.

Williams feared also the fact that a historian named Heller had just landed on the planet. He wasn't sure if the Romulians knew of this or not.

After talking to us he practicaly ordered the Neptune to get involved in the matter.

I told Helm to set intercept course with Textra IV. No matter what the situation we could not allow the Romulians to go to Textra IV. Out of nowhere three Romulian Warbirds decloaked behind us. We tried to fight back but this vessel wasn't in the best of shape. We took heavy hits as we tried to attack the Warbird headed to the surface.

As the Warbird entered through the atmosphere of the planet the Neptune was in bad shape we had to do an emergency landing on the planet below.

We crash landed on the surface in a large field area. Most of our sensors we badly damaged. As the crew worked on the ship I attempted to walk outside the ship with Epsilion the Chief Engineer to get a first hand look at the damage.

As we walked down the ramp fifty natives held us with 23th Century phasers. They then entered the ship taking the crew and forcing them outside the ship.

Richard Heller the federation historan and Sylark a member of one of the Romulian vessels greeted us. They told us of how they set up the Communist Federation of Pangea which was a government modeled around the 20th Century Terran USSR. Heller was the political leader while Sylark and a few other Romulians were the military leaders. They gave them some modern devices like the phasers.

As they were about to take us away a group of no less than one hundred appeared with guns in hand. They definately weren't CFP (Communist Federation of Pangea). As all hell broke loose outside the ship we rushed inside the Neptune. After sealing the door we hurried up to the bridge. The crew was able to get some of the sensors on but we didn't have quite enough to break out of the planet's atmosphere. We had only one chance....we had to help the freedom fighters to get any equipment to get us off the planet. The Prime Directive had already been grossly violated it would have made no difference if we did help them or not. I figured since the Romulians were helping one faction it would only be right to help the other to even out the odds.

We locked our sensors on the farthest city from this point. We had to hope it was the Justonian Republics who we thought were the ones fighting the CFP outside the ship.