Star Trek: The Galactic War - Rules
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In combat you command your ship and use its weapons to destroy others. All weapons do a certain amount of damage which is deducted from your opponent's shields, if the shields are down it is deducted from their hull. Th following are the rule in more detail.

  • Calculate ALL damage correctly.
  • When in combat, posts will follow a loose turn-based system. Once you have posted, you may not post again until everyone who your new post will affect has had the oppurtunity to post. This keeps folks from sneaking two or three posts in when their opponent is detained or unable to access the site. However, this turn only lasts 24 hours, so if your opponents haven't posted in those 24 hours, you may then post again.
  • You may NOT, for ANY reason, change command to different ships while a battle is taking place.
  • You may NOT post early and say it'll 'go into effect' at the right time. If you can't post at the proper time, you CAN'T POST.

  • Battle Boards:
      - All combat is to take place on the Battle Boards.
      - When a battle starts, the person who makes the first post is to put a battle announcement on the board of the defender. This post is a simple announcement saying that the battle has started, WHICH of the two battle boards the battle will be on, and which planet is being assaulted.
      - DO NOT post your combat posts as a reply to any other post. The only posts on the battle boards which should be replies should be OOC comments. - You MUST put WHO your post affects in your post title. Any posts NOT containing this info CAN be ignored.
  • Combat Grid Zones
      - There is an infinite number of possible range zones at a planet, however, there are six basic ones, A, Planetary Orbit, B, C, D, & E. A is the planet, and on the Battlemap the yellow is the orbital range.
      - Orbital Range is closest to the planet, and is the range that all PDFs are always located. B is the next closest. Next out is C. Further out is D, followed by E. There can be an infinite number of other ranges beyond E Range, but chances are, it'll rarely ever be necessary to use them.
      - Starship weapons can only be fired in the same grid zone as your ship is.
      - You must post WHICH Grid Zone you are in in EACH post. Otherwise, your post may be ignored.
  • Starship Movement
      - All starship movement takes place in movement actions.
      - The three types of movement actions are Going to Warp, Coming out of Warp, or moving between Grid Zones.
      - Ships 400 meters and larger may move one Grid zone a turn, ships 399 meters and smaller can move 2 a turn. Any vehicle under 100 meters can move 3 zones per turn
  • Transporters and Boarding
      - You cannot transport onto a ship which has its shields raised.
      - You cannot transport outside your grid zone, in order to transport down to a planet your ship must be at orbital range.
      - To board a ship your must transport a boarding party over. In doing this you must deduct your Boarding Strength from your enemy's Total Strength (these values are listed on the specifications for your ship, Total Strength is found by adding Boarding and Defensive Strengths together) and your enemy's Total Strength from your Boarding Strength. If your enemy's value is brought down to zero and yours is still above zero then you have captured the ship, if not they still control it. To bring your strength back up to it default level after a boarding operation you must dock at a starbase.
  • Cloaking Devices
      - Most modern ships are equipped with cloaking devices.
      - You may not lower and then raise your cloak in the same post.
      - If you are cloaked you no longer need to post which range zone you are in and you cannot be fired upon. However, you cannot fire either.
      - You cannot recharge shields while your ship is cloaked.
    Ship Status and Damage

  • Shields:
      - A ship's shield power is listed on its specifications. For example, the maximum shield power is of a Standard Romulan Warbird is 640. Unless it has been damaged, it's current shield power is 640, making it's shield rating 640/640. If that ship then took 200 points of damage, it's new shield rating would be 440/640.
      - Shields can recharge when a ship is not involved in a battle. The rate of recharge for shields which are still up for a ship NOT in battle is 3% per post.
      - You may also choose to shut down your shields completely. If you do this, they recharge at a rate of 20% every 6 hours, but they do not protect you from damage while they are off and any damage you take goes to your hull.
      - When NOT involved in a battle, you do not have to post EACH round of recharging.
  • Hull:
      - A ship's hull points are usually the same as its shields. So once again, an undamaged Romulan Warbird would have a hull rating of 640/640.
      - A ship's hull only takes damage if it is hit while it has no shields(either because they were all knocked down, or because they are switched off).
      - If a ship's hull rating reaches 0, that ship explodes.
      - Ships can repair their own hull if they are NOT in combat. They can repair 5% ever 6 hours in real time.
      - Ships can also dock with starbases (If the starbase has enough docking space) and the shipyard can repair the damage at 3 times the rate, ie. about 15% every 6 hours.
    Tractor Beams

  • Any ship may hold another ship of smaller size in it's tractor beams. When a ship is being held, certain restrictions apply:
      - The held ship cannot move.
      - The held ship may still fire all weapons.

    Weapon Ratings

  • Weapons deal damage equal to their damage ratings, listed here
  • Damage cannot be taken in fractions. It is ALWAYS rounded down.