Star Trek: The Galactic War - Rules
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The Concept of this sim

Simming is an online, time warped version of roleplaying. The overall purpose of a sim is for folks to participate in, and write a new chapter in the galaxy which the sim is recreating. This Sim recreates the galaxy we all know and love, that of Star Trek.

Many of you will have participated in Star Trek sims like those of our parent group FSO before, however there is a fundamental difference between those sims and this. In most Star Trek sims you will play the part of a crew-member of a starship; in this sim, however, you are the Captain of a starship crewed by NPCs you create. Your ship is part of a fleet and in this galaxy the fleets war with each other in constant battles. The peace of the past years is over and the three major powers of the Alpha Quadrant are locked together in Galactic War.

Some of you, though, will not be familiar with simming at all. The object of a sim is to write a story from the viewpoint of a character as if they are a part of the Star Trek galaxy. We are writing our own chapter, and most of the names we all know (Jean-Luc Picard, Benjamin Sisko, William Riker, Jame T Kirk) are not prominent in this sim. here, we seek to recreate the Universe of Star Trek, and write our own story into it.

Many similar sims become dominated by combat and are not as enjoyable as they should be, therefore it is the concept of story writing that dominates the focus of this sim. This sim, like other Star Trek sims of a different nature, is primarily about active storywriting and entertainment. Those who come here looking for yet another blood bath sim, with battles round the clock and the focus on destroying everything in sight, are in the wrong place. Here, we want to explore more than bloodshed. The idea is that we are writing a new saga in the Star Trek galaxy and we all get to participate.

This said, combat adds an interesting factor to the sim and is what distinguishes it from other Star Trek sims. To govern this combat and keep the competition fair between the various warring factions there are rules to the game which must be followed.