Star Trek: The Galactic War
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The storylines that we write are put on posting boards on the web where everyone can read them. There are rules to what you can post and how much you can post, to keep the boards tidy and readable.

  • Each of your posts must be at least 6 hours apart.
  • Posts are always on the board for the planet you are at, NOT your affiliation, OR the Battle Boards. For example, Felton, a member of the Federation, is at the planet Remus. Since Remus is a Romulan planet, Felton's posts go on the Romulan board or the Battle Board if a battle is going on there, NOT the Federation board. If Felton were at Earth however, his posts would be on the Federation board (again unless there was a battle taking place).
  • Post titles MUST include the name of ANY officer your actions will be affecting (anything from firing on, to moving so they have a worse shot at you in the case of military, to storylines that involve these other simmers. ANYTHING that that officer needs to see). This will cut down on the posts everyone has to read, as only posts with their name in title are necessary to read during battle.
  • Each post must include any and ALL actions taken by your character and your ships. These may include:
      - Firing Weapons(must include weapon types and number fired, target, and total damage)
      - Locking on Tractor Beams(must include target)
      - Going to/Dropping out of Warp
      - Changing range zones
      - Any other action
  • Each post must include the name and status of your ship, along with a summary of what it did that post (example below using a Morlasasi during combat):
      - Morlasasi Stalker
      Short Range
      Moved from Long to Medium
      Fired 1 PLT, 10 HD, 8 MD, and 5 LD at enemy ship in Medium range for 56 damage
      Moved from Medium to Short
      Shields 380/380
      Hull: 380/380

      Total damage to enemy ship = 56
  • Every time your post describes an inhabited planetary system, or an important NPC, you must contact the leader of the faction that controls that world. You can either excerpt your description, or send a three-five sentence summary, so that the leader can add your work to the Galaxy Guide. You should also consult the Guide to make sure your story is consistent with what has come before. Discrepancies will be resolved by the faction leaders. Failure to do this will bring you to the attention of the faction leader, who may decide you want to be involved in one of their storylines (this is not always a pleasant experience.)
  • Please don't fight on the boards! If you discover an error someone has made, politely make an OOC reply to it on the boards (mark OOC in the subject) and it will be corrected. If there is still a problem, bring it to your faction leader. Do NOT post any diasagreements you have with the rules. The ONLY thing you are to comment on is ERRORS.
  • Do not post for anyone but yourself. If someone else on your side is not around to post for themselves, too bad.
  • Do not make up any rules. If you are unsure if something you wanna do is OK, ask your faction head.