Star Trek: The Galactic War
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Warp Travel:
Warp travel is the main form of transportation in the Star Trek universe. Without it exploration and trade would not be possible.

In this sim warp travel is also the main form of transportation. Depending on the speed you arrive at places in a different amount of time.

Warp FactorTime to next SystemTime to next Sector
16 days12 days
25 days11 days
34 days09 days
43 days08 days
52 days07 days
62 days06 days
701 day05 days
8 (cruising)16 hours04 days
908 hours03 days
9.508 hours01 days
9.8 (max for most ships)08 hours16 hours
9.9 (max for 1 ship per faction)08 hours08 hours