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 &npsp;Commander Jon Webb strolled into Central Operations of TwinBase Delta. He did not spend much time here in the past, mainly because StarBase 297 had only recently joined with StarBase 296 to create an amplifier for a subspace anomoly. This amplifier amplified the anomoly and created the WarpTunnel. As far as anyone knew, both bases were StarFleet, however only the residents of StarBase 297 and StarBase 296's Senior Staff knew the truth: StarFleet Intelligence had given one of its bases to help run the Warp Tunnel along beside StarFleet.

(CdrWebb) :: enters Delta Operations ::
(CdrWebb) Good morning, Commander.
(CdrHarris) good morning
(CdrWebb) Anything interesting come through the WarpTunnel?
(CdrHarris) All is quite and well Commander
(CdrHarris) :: notices scanners picking something up ::
(CdrHarris) argh me and my big mouth
(CdrWebb) :: sighs ::
(CdrHarris) the U.S.S. William Drake is coming through sir
(CdrWebb) William Drake?
(CdrWebb) Hmmm. Webb knew he had to think fast. They had only learned recently that the WarpTunnel lead to an alternate reality, and that none of their probes survived longer than five minutes in the AlterVerse. StarFleet Intelligence deemed the AlterVerse unfriendly, and was under orders to disable any ships which
(as the popular SFI phrase goes,) "is a threat".
(CdrHarris) cross referencing with records now webb
(CdrHarris) :: types on the console ::
(CdrWebb) Which one?
(CdrWebb) William Drake or William Drake
(2) ?
(CdrHarris) This is William Drake 2 NX-439558 a brand new cruiser in development
(CdrWebb) Ok.
(CdrWebb) Best be cautious.
(CdrWebb) I don't trust the other realm.
(CdrWebb) Recommend activating phaser array.
(CdrHarris) +taps+ computer implement security status alpha 1
(CdrHarris) sees lights dim to amber
(CdrHarris) weapons are online and ready.
(CdrHarris) its sending out a distress signal?? strange... all system seems to be normal
(CdrWebb) Hmmm...
(CdrHarris) then ancient SOS code...nothing further
(CdrWebb) Hmmm...
(CdrWebb) Can you scan their ship?
(CdrHarris) points to the station over there
(CdrHarris) can't man the phasers and scan station at ones my friend
(CdrWebb) :: grumbles about StarFleet Incompetence ::
(CdrWebb) +taps+ SFI, information on the ship.
(CdrHarris) :: rolls his eyes... SFI blah blah blah.. SFI blah argh ::
(Comms from SFI) The ship has 3 crew members
(CdrWebb) Only 3?
(Comms from SFI) 3 lifesigns.
(CdrHarris) how strange
(CdrWebb) Target phasers.
(CdrHarris) wait a minute! Jonathan Webb glared at Harris. This alliance between the two starships was not going to work if StarFleet was going to hesitate every time a security risk appeared. The ship was lying. Webb hated liars.
(CdrWebb) This ship is a security risk.
(CdrHarris) can't we see what's worng first?
(CdrWebb) Not worth 3 lives.
(CdrHarris) just destroy a perfectly good ship?
(CdrHarris) we can salvage it for our station...
(CdrWebb) Of course not destroy
(CdrWebb) Just disable.
(CdrHarris) why don't we just send an EMP pulse that will send them dead in the water?
(CdrWebb) and eliminate the security risks at the same time.
(CdrWebb) We don't know in an EMP pulse will work on AlterShips
(CdrHarris) gives the authorization to target phasers to computer
(CdrHarris) let the record show the previous action was carried out under advisement of SFI Webb tried not to laugh. SFI could change the records anyway. SFI would use their own phasers, but the StarFleet side of the twinbase was facing the ship.
(CdrWebb) You may try the EMP pulse if you want.
(CdrHarris) +taps+ computer target 3 level 1 EMP pulses at the USS William Drake and fire at will
(COMPUTER) Unable to comply, USS William Drake is at Starfleet Command
(CdrHarris) The damn ship infront of you stupid machine
(CdrHarris) I am not stupid... firing now
(ACTION) The ship is disabled, and is venting plasma
(CdrWebb) Tractor the ship.
(CdrHarris) Ha!
(CdrHarris) Are you always so used to giving orders??
(CdrHarris) tractor control's are linked to the scanning module you are at
(CdrWebb) Engaging tractors.
(CdrWebb) :: mutters, "Starfleet..." again. ::
(CdrHarris) :: puts on an evil grin.. that was fun ::
(CdrWebb) Would you like to board the ship and uhm... empty out the bodies?
(CdrHarris) that shouldn't have killed them..
(CdrHarris) why don't we interrogate them?
(CdrWebb) Sure, have a ball.
(CdrWebb) :: lowers WarpTunnel powerfeed while he's at Science console ::
(CdrWebb) ACTION: The warptunnel shrinks in size
(CdrHarris) :: leaves ops ::

  After further investigation, we found the ship de-aging. The only explanation for this is if the AlterVerse exists in Anti-Time. Since we exist in Time, and Anti-Time de-ages us, it is reasonable to assume that things that exist in anti-time de-age in time.

  Because of this, Runabout Gamma was sent back in time by SFI, then the "re-aged" version was brought back to SB297. This way, even if the quantum shields on the Runabout fail, the hull will stay intact for an amount of time. End Log. Submitted by: Commander Jon Webb, StarBase 297 Commanding Officer.

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