The end has passed, and the war rages on.

Are you prepared?


The Iconians came.  They invaded our space.  We are no match for them.
But we must continue fighting, and although we die, la resistance lives on.

The Iconians came, and wiped out half of the Earth's population.  In a miracle of fate, a small Tri`qahn ship was captured.  Now equipped with weapons matching the Tri`qahn, The Combined Modified Soverign-Defiant ships have become the UFP's only defense.


By replacing the Captain's Yaught with a Defiant class vessel, the CMSD class is by far the most powerful and versatile.  There are 5 CMSDs in service, 2 solely to protect the remaining survivors of Earth.  The other three are to continue the mission "To Seek Out New Life and New Civilizations" and a way to peacefully co-exist with the Iconians.



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