Sim Information

The USS Eclipse is currently simming on Superchat.
Our regular sims are on Saturdays at 8:00pm EST in channel #uss_eclipse.

If you don't have IRC, you can download a good IRC Client, called mIRC, at

Get mIRC 5.41!!

Recommended Servers
Description: Name: Ports:
Superchat: CA, NS, KentvilleKentville.NS.CA.SuperChat.Org6660,6662,6664,
Superchat: US, LA, New OrleansNewOrleans.LA.US.SuperChat.Org6660,6662,6664,
Superchat: US, NJ, New BrunswickNewBrunswick.NJ.US.SuperChat.Org6660,6662,6664,
Superchat: US, TX, HoustonHouston.TX.US.SuperChat.Org6660,6662,6664,


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