Ship Information


Basic Facts
 Ship Name: USS Orion
 Starfleet Registry: NX-98873
 Class: Galaxy
 Type: Heavy Cruiser
 Constructed: McKinley Shipyards, in Earth Orbit.
 Launch Date: Stardate 9808.14 (May 19, 2408)
 Motto: "By the work one knows the workman." -Jean De La Fontaine
 Length: 704 meters
 Width: 392 meters
 Height: 163 meters
 Decks: 45 decks
 Crew Compliment: 1374

Propulsion Systems
 Thrusters: Reaction Control Thrusters located in 20 sections of the ship.
 Sublight: Hyperdrive Mark III Impulse Engines
 Warp Propulsion: 2 Warp Cores (1 for backup) capable of Warp 9.99999.
NOTE: The Saucer Section is also capable of Warp Flight, but can only maintain Warp 6 for 5 days.
 Quantum Slip Stream: 1 Quantum Slip Stream Core, capable of Warp 10 in Quantum Slip Stream.

Defensive Systems

 Phasers: Automatically Change Frequecies  Disruptors:4 Disrupter Cannons, 2 on Stardrive, 2 on Saucer.
 Torpedoes: 4 Torpedo Bays
 Cloak: Type III Phase Cloak
 Armor: Ablative Armor Matrix

Auxiliary Spacecraft
The USS Orion is equipped with 3 Shuttlebays, 1 large bay in the saucer section and 2 smaller ones in the Stardrive. The Orion's Shuttlecraft include:

Other Craft Include:

Science Systems
 Probes: The Orion is equipped with many different types of probes.

 Sensors: Sensor pallets located on vehicle sides and several other key places.

Medical Systems
 Sickbay: 3 Sickbay Areas

 Emergency Medical Holographic Program: 3 Mark V EMH's

Other Systems
 Crew Quarters: Each person is assigned 110 square meters of living space, including a bedroom, living/work area and a small bathroom.
 Escape Pods: 450 Autonomous Survival & Recovery Vehicles (ASRV)

 Transporters: 20 Transporter Rooms, each capable of transporting via subspace.
 Tractor Beams: Tractor Emitters located in 18 key spots on the Outer hull.
 Hull: Hull is made primarily of a Quadtanium/Tritanium Alloy.
 Separated Flight Mode: The USS Orion can separate into 2 ships.

USS Orion Dedication Plaque

These Specs and the Dedication Plaque were made by me. Please do not use them without my permission!


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